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Monday, November 1, 2010

Epic Red Shirt kid!

If you haven't seen the red shirt kid from Blizzcon, then you either truely live under a rock, or are so tunnel visioned and wrapped up in your games that you forgot that you have a TV and a facebook account and for that we salute you.

Watch this.

K, I know, epic right?

FYI, in case you have no idea who those dudes are on the panel.

Dude in the glasses is Chris Metzen, Vice President of creative development for Blizzard. He Created most of the Original Diablo World, as well as voice acted some of the characters. He was lead designer for Starcraft and voice acted there too. He was a main staple in the creation of both Diablo and Starcraft Stories! He even Wrote and published the "Of blood and honor" Warcraft universe novels.

Other dude is Alex Afrasiabi. First guy to hit level 50 in Everquest! Avid guild leader for "Fires of Heaven" An EQ guild and WoW Guild. Well known in EQ for many "world firsts", so much so that blizzard asked him not to be the first to down Onyxia when WoW was first released. He's now WoW’s Lead World Designer, starting as a quest designer. Given, he's attributed to some of the WoW Lore.

K. Now you are all very well educated.
Epic Red Shirt Guy has his OWN NPC!

We Salute you Red Shirt Guy.

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RoodNverse said...

hahah thats funny both the guy talking and what he said

Mike said...

wow, it's a whole 'nother level