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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

About Shocked Llama Gaming.

However you managed to land on this page, we appreciate the interest.

This blog was the start to something we have been planning for a long long time. I'd like to take a minute to tell you about us and what we are preparing to do in the near future.

As "Shocked Llama Gaming" we are a few young adults with an interest in online gaming. Some of our experiences go very far back, and some of us, not so much. We have taken gaming and made it our hobby, like most "gamers" out there. The level of play that we have been involved in, be it competitive or not, was lead us to venture the news sources for information. It became a routine for us to go to our 5-10 sources a couple times a day to make sure we kept up to date. It was vital.

What we wanted to do was take our interests in gaming news, collect the information, and publish it in one spot. With that being said, there isn't going to be "filler" articles about the impact of the most recent game no one has ever heard of, because frankly we're not into that. What we hope to do is create a community, starting with the players immediately playing with us, revolving around the games or at least close to the games we are playing.

We are playing game competitively such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft. So there will be dedicated sources for those two games. Those will be very important to us. We are in no way Professional gamers.

The website is a compilation of the above desire and a summer project. Some of us are college students working on degrees in Computer Science / Engineering. Writing code isn't just vital to our field, but its fun. So we wanted to put our skills to use and try something bigger then what we've been doing.

Our plans for Shocked Llama are not at all set in stone either. We want to Stream our games, that is definitely happening. To such a degree that we hope to have small events and interact with our watchers. Another idea would be a PDF e-zine with different information than what would be on the site itself, for a couple of reason. So we don't clutter the web site with things like "out top ten X" and to provide something fun and creative for us to play with.

Our news is almost completely aggregate, so we will be gathering the news from other sources and publishing some portion of the article on our page, and citing the source. This will include things like podcasts, we watch them, we love them, and we would like to share them. (only the free ones, we aren't thieves)

We are not going to be keeping up with this blog at this time. Full focus is going to our actual site and well, gaming.

We greatly appreciate your interest in keeping up with us. You can find us on Twitter, Youtube, & Facebook. We look forward to what is coming up!