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Monday, November 1, 2010

Download Cataclysm before the release!!

You can officially pre-order the digital upgrade for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm!

"But I don't want to wait for the release date to download and install the game, I just want to start playing!"

well your in luck, the crew over at joystiq posted a useful way to pre download all the remaining expansion data to let you play at midnight Dec 7th! Also, it will NOT break ToS. (Blizzard Approved!)

"Oh so i get to play cataclysm early????" -No... Don't be silly.

Here's the run-down
1. Close all instances of Wow, loader, installer, background. Whatever, it all has to be closed.
2. Open your World of Warcraft Folder on your HDD
3. Open in Notepad and change the "accountType" line from LK to CT
4. Open in Notepad and change the "accountType" line from LK to CT

When you start WoW again, it will start installing a bunch of leftover Cat stuff you didn't have before and now your all set to play Cat on release night.

"So it upgrades my account to Cat!" - No... You will still need to upgrade your account to a Cataclysm account in order to access any Cat material. So you have to pay.


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