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Friday, November 19, 2010

BioWare's New Title

     Looks pretty badass, even more so if its a screen shot instead of part of a cinematic teaser trailer.  However, BioWare did not release the name of this game, and won't, until Spike's VGAs next month, when the whole trailer will be played.   Fans of BioWare games have dissected this pic as well as two barcodes posted on the official BioWare facebook page.  More after the jump.
These were posted on BioWare's facebook page

      The consensus among gamers is that this new game is either the next Mass Effect, or a rekindling of Shattered Steel.  To fan the flame a little, it was also announced that BioWare Montreal(the studio behind Mass Effect) has hired a team of multiplayer fps devs...

     Personally, I think (and hope) this is a new mass effect game, but not necessarily ME3.  Taking into account the gritty feel to the above screen, it makes me think of the First Contact War & the Occupation of Shanxi, which took place before the events of the first Mass Effect game.  This would be an ideal way to introduce a multiplayer fps experience into the Mass Effect universe, without effecting the third installment in the Mass Effect trilogy.

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