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Friday, October 15, 2010

Update on Starcraft single player bans

Official statement issues by  Blizzard:

"Blizzard Entertainment is not banning StarCraft II players just for using single-player cheats. There's been some confusion in the last couple of days about the suspensions and bans meted out to players caught cheating in StarCraft II. It's important to point out first, that many of the 3rd-party hacks and cheats developed for StarCraft II contain both single- and multiplayer functionality. In order to protect the integrity of multiplayer competition, we are actively detecting cheat programs used in multiplayer modes whether there are human opponents or not."

Be sure to read this carefully. This does NOT mean they are banning single players cheats. (there are built in cheat codes for single player) This does NOT mean you are free to use all cheats/mods/add-ons. Any unfriendly programs detected within can and may lead you to a suspensions and/or ban.

If you are not familiar with the ban styles of Diablo 2, it worked like this.

Say you are using a maphack.
The maphack accesses lines of code within the game files. knows what lines of code those are. There was a bot used by to sweep through accounts to detect if those lines of code were being accessed, we used to call it the "warden". The warden was not on at all times, just periodically, the only way you knew, was when someone got banned. When the warden was turned on, it would "sweep" and ban accounts by the Thousands.

The Ban-Hammer.

Depending on the infraction, you would get "Temp-banned" We got it all the time in Diablo for joining and leaving games to quickly. (create game, Tele to Mephisto, tele to Pindle, Save/quit, repeat). Those usually last 15 minutes. But there has been times when the Warden would sweep and we get temp banned for days.

Long story short. Mods/add-ons/hacks/cheats: Use at your own risk.

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