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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lord of the Rings Online Doubles Revenue

     GCDO, the studio behind Lord of the Rings Online has reported a double in revenue since they switched from a monthly subscription to a hybrid free to play model.  In addition, Joystiq reports that over one million players have created accounts in the month since the switch, and Turbine, monitoring the servers reports the free-to-play launch was even bigger than the original 2007 launch.

     I don't know if free-to-play is the way to go for most mmo's, but GDCO must be doing something right.

Posted by SLG_J


razortek said...

good for a lama!

RoodNverse said...

ya free to play pulls in alot of ppl ,and looks good i havent watched much of the movies , ok >.> only seen the first one,,,,wouldnt mind playing this tho

Anonymous said...

i can has want to?