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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Schafer & Co Show Halloween a Little Love

     Tim Schafer, head of the independent game studio Double Fine, creators of such awesomeness as Brutal Legend and Psychonauts is about to shower us with some holiday-themed gaming goodness.  Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed RPG coming soon to XBLA and PSN.  In Double Fine's own words:

     "Play as Wren or Reynold, in this action-adventure role-playing game that unfolds on Halloween night across seemingly peaceful suburban neighborhoods, a mysterious village carnival and a monster-infested shopping mall.
     Go door-to-door collecting candy, points, cards, battle stamps and quest assignments to prepare for combat. Use your wit, bravery and home-made costumes with superpowers to rid the neighborhood of creepy monsters and SAVE HALLOWEEN!" - Double Fine

     According to the review posted on CVG, players can equip different costumes, which impact the character's abilities, and can even lend a hand out-of combat.  For example, the robot costume allows your tiny trick-or-treater to blaze around town on roller skates.

     For CVG's article, take the link here.  For a link to the trailer, hit the Double Fine link above.

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Crunky said...

seems like a good game for kids...

Anonymous College Student said...

looks pretty amazing.