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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did Devil May Cry Just Get Real?

 Original Post @ IGN

I love Devil May Cry, though the only game I played in the series religiously was Devil May Cry 3. Even still, hearing that Capcom and developer Ninja Theory are rebooting the franchise with what we all assume is a prequel has made me extremely excited. After watching the trailer that debuted here at the Tokyo Game Show several times in a row, I just can't get over how many awesome things happen in the span of just a few seconds. Despite how much hate the project is already massing on the oh-so-kind internet threads, I think the appropriately titled DMC will rock.

From what I can tell, the main complaint that everyone seems to be focusing on is the change to Dante's character design. Well it is shocking at first, I think it makes total sense, especially when you consider the direction that the developers are taking the series. Even though I'm a Devil May Cry advocate, the series started to feel stale to me when I hit the fourth game. This franchise needs a twist, and that's what Dante is getting. His emaciated body and unstable mannerisms displayed in the trailer hint at a character unversed in his demonic powers. This is clearly an origin story and I think it'll be fascinating to see a dangerously imbalanced hero wield such incredible weapons... Continue reading @ IGN

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