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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIABLO 3: Health Orbs

In Diablo III, your health -- your hero's remaining life energy -- is indicated by a blood-red orb near the bottom of the screen. As the spawn of the Burning Hells assault your avatar, liquid drains from the orb: slowly against the flimsy swords of skeletal warriors, and quickly before the razor-sharp fangs and claws of ferocious demons.

As long as there's some liquid left in your health orb, you cling to life. But when the last crimson drop is gone, so too are you.

Diablo III's health system is designed to keep you thinking on your feet and rushing toward the next fight. As a hero struggling against the sinister forces of the Burning Hells, fleeing from battle to recover your strength isn't an option. To avoid dying a gruesome death, you'll need to hunt for ways to keep up your strength.

There's going to be a big difference in the way you heal yourself in the new Diablo! Potions with cool downs,  orbs dropped by mobs that will heal you and your party, increasing the teamwork aspect!

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