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Friday, October 1, 2010

PC World Rates COD: MWF2 #1 Most Offensive Game

     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can add another award to the list:  PC World has rated it the number one most offensive game ever made.  More after the jump.

     PC World explained why MWF2 deserved this prestigious accolade, saying:

      "What's the bestselling first-person shooter of all time doing on our list of shame? Two words: "No Russian," a mechanically pointless, crudely sensational level in this otherwise respectable modern military-themed sequel. Want to play a terrorist and shoot screaming civilians? Automatically lose if you try to thwart your terrorist pals? Automatically lose anyway? It's not the violence that's offensive, it's the level's pointless gameplay."  - PC World.

     MWF2 competed with a variety of other games, from school shoot-up sims  to rape rpgs.  The list of the 15 worst games ever, according to PC World is as follows:
  1. Call Of Duty: MWF2
  2. Bonetown
  3. Rapelay(Japan only)
  4. Custer's Revenge
  5. V-Tech Rampage
  6. Super Columbine Massacre RPG!
  7. Resistance: Ethnic Cleansing
  8. Battle Raper(Japan only, same company as Rapelay)
  9. JFK Reloaded
  10. Operation Pedopriest
  11. The Torture Game 2
  12. Muslim Massacre: The Game of Modern Religious Genocide
  13. Manhunt 2
  14. Virtual Jihadi
  15. Raid Gaza!
     If you can stomach the entire article, hit the PC World link above or the one here.

Posted by SLG_J


Host said...

Well, that's the last time I pay any attention to PC World.

Anonymous College Student said...

Kind of funny, I just got JFK reloaded.

Austin Da Silveira said...

hahaha JFK Reloaded and Virtual Jihadi both gave me a good lol

Crunky said...

Patriotism run amok...

Toshiro said...

oh well, I've never been one for first person shooters anyway.

loloriz0r said...

I dont see any real offense there, but well.. let em rage.