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Monday, September 20, 2010

UPDATE: Duke Nukem Forever Live Impressions

Check the post @ GameInformer

It's really real. Duke Nukem Forever is being published by 2K Games and developed by Gearbox. Here are our first hand impressions.

FYI: Gearbox are the creators of  "Borderlands".. epic.

Here are some quick notes notes on the game, courtesy of Andrew Reiner's time with the PAX demo:
  • Duke Nukem Forever is running on current technology, not a DOS-based engine like previously thought. The game looks amazing, and shows no signs of being 10+ years old.
  • Gearbox's Randy Pitchford talked about the game. "This is actually happening. Can you believe this?" He said. "We don't want the dream to die. We brought all of the guys back together. We want to finish the game. Preserve what they made. Add to it. Expand it."
  • Allen Blum, one of the level designers of the original Duke Nukem 3D, is still working on the game.
  • The opening cinematic begins with aliens returning to Earth. They tear down a statue of Duke. They are after Earth's women.
  • Duke runs across a huge three-breasted demon. In classic Duke style, he says, "I'd still hit it."
  • The shrink ray gun has returned. There's also a rail gun, tons of alien weapons, and huge enemies.
  • The game's signature humor is back: The game reportedly contains "first-person urinal peeing," complete with a golden stream. Hitting left on the D-pad gives you beer.
  • After the intro, the demo begins: Duke is in the bathroom in a football stadium, taking a leak. He follows a group of commandos out onto the field to battle a 4-story Cycloid. It's raining out, and the water splashes on the screen beautifully. The Cycloid fires rockets at Duke, and has a thruster pack that allows him to charge the protagonist at high speeds. It's similar to the football field fight in Duke 3D.


niceonice said...

gonna have to check it out

saturdaysportsblog said...

I always loved Duke!

RiverKnyle said...

Oh, god. The future looks bright again. ;_;